Weston Aluminium


Weston Aluminium does not use salt or any fluxes when processing aluminium dross and scrap.

This has resulted in a 50% reduction in the generation of waste to landfill and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Saltless Process for Dross

Weston Aluminium does not produce black dross or Salt slag. The non metallic by-product from its process does not require further stabilisation as it is classed as 'Non Hazardous' and can be land filled. The lack of chlorides in non-metallic particles (NMPs) allows their recycling in various industrial processes such as steelmaking, alumina refining and cement making.

"Cradle to Grave" Solution for SPL (Spent Pot Linings)

WA has developed a cost effective solution for responsilby recycling SPL (both 1st and 2nd cut) into fluxes used by cement, brick, rooftiles and paving industries.

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